Our Founding & Advisory Board Members

Josephine Barbarino Keto activist

Founder & CEO of the Keto Live Project           

Prof Dr Thomas N. Seyfried 

United States of America
Boston College Department of Biology Research in epilepsy, neurodegenerative lipid storage diseases, cancer, The metabolic therapies include caloric restriction, fasting & ketogenic diets, 

Dr Georgia Ede MD, 

United States of America
Board-certified psychiatrist specialized in nutritional & metabolic psychiatry, Nutrition Writer 
diagnosis: diet

Ivor Cummins BE(Chem) CEng MIEI PMP, 


The Fat Emperor

Dr John Schoonbee MD,                  

South Africa, Switzerland
Global Chief Medical Officer Life & Health Products, Swiss Re

Dr Benjamin Bikman PhD, 

United States of America
Associate Professor, Department of Physiology Developmental Biology Brigham Young University, Provo, UT 

Dr Jean-Pierre Spinosa MD, 

Italy, Switzerland
Gynaecology, Urogynecology, Gynaecological Surgery, Oncological Gynaecology

Patricia Daly, BA Hons, dipNT, BANT, CNHC Nutrition Therapist  

Switzerland, Ireland
Personalized Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies,           

Dr Gary Fettke, MB, BS, Fracs (Ortho), FAOrthoA, 

Orthopaedic Surgeon, preventative medicine
American Society for Nutrition 

DR Wafaa Abdel-Hadi MD,  

Clinical Oncology,  Metabolic Approach to Cancer, Functional Medicine Specialist,  Founder & CEO of The AWare Clinic Kairo

Dr Helmuth Ruatti MD,  

Anaesthetist & intensive care physician, City Clinic Bolzano  & Donna Salus

DR Cristina Tomasi MD, 

Specialist in Internal Medicine, Angiology, Food Therapy, Master in Osteoporosis, Orthomolecular Medicine, Anti-Ageing Medicine & Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Dr IAN Lake MD, 

United Kingdom
General Practitioner,  Type 1 

Prof Dr Marcus Säemann 

Specialist in Internal Medicine,
Nephrology & Intensive Care Medicine, Immunology

Dr Peter Voshol PHD, 

Researcher Health & Nutrition at The Louis Bolk Instituut,  Cofounder of Fooding Leeft

Prof Dr Adrian Soto MD, PHD, 


MD (UNAM), PhD (Oxford) & Specialist in Internal Medicine (INCMNSZ) & Data Science (HarvardX) Focused on Human Metabolism & Evidence-Based Medicine Mexico City Hospital 

Dr Elena Gross PhD, 

Germany,  Switzerland
Founder & CEO of Keto Swiss

Nicholas G. Norwitz, PhD, MHP, 

United States of America
Oxford University, Metabolic Health Practitioner, Harvard Medical school

Dr Dipl biol Bernd-Michael Löffler MD

Founder, CEO, Scientific Director of the Institute for Mitochondrial Medicine Berlin

Dr Ana Iacob MD

Rumania,  Switzerland
Psychiatrist, Valais Hospital 
Nutritional psychiatry


Saudi Arabia
MSc Clinical Nutrition & Health, Supervisor,    KFSH & Research Centre, Riyadh 

Beth Zupek-Kania RDN, CD, 

United States of America
Dietitian & Nutritionist specialized in Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies                     

Sybille Bellamy Kraft 

Founder & CEO of Keto/M+  and Connections Cétogènes 

Michel Lundell

Founder & CEO of Ketonix

The Charlie Foundation

United States of America



Nutrition Network

South Africa

DR Tatiana Zarubina, PHD 

Russia, Switzerland
Humanities, Philosophy  
IPS - Intangible Property Global Solutions, Lausanne

Dorian Greenow & Gemma Kochis 

United Kingdom, United States of America
Founder & CEO of Keto-Mojo & The Ketogenic Foundation

Dr Thomas Kantenwein

Foundation, Charities & Tax Law

Medical consultation and management of the conferences

Prof Dr Marcus Stoffel MD 

Internal Medicine, Nephrology & Preventative Medicine

Dr Suzan Oruc MD, 

Urology & Sexual Medicine, 
Keto Live Project e.V.

Stephan Barbarino 

Author, Theatre Director, Organization of the Conference &  Keto Live Project e.V.

Elise Rensch 

Organization, Pilates Instructor, 
Propilates Zürich

Matthias Hochwimmer, BA 

CCET GmbH, Video Recording, Design, 
Voice over & Digital Post-production 

Robert Lenzbauer

Sound Design & Video, Technical Support & Organization

The 1st International Keto Live Conference in Bergün 2019

The founding Conference of our European Keto Live Centre

Meet the Speakers of our first Keto Live Conference 

From left to right standing
Dr John Schoonbee, Michel Lundell, Prof Jürg Spitz, Josephine Barbarino, Sybille Bellamy Kraft, Prof Dr Thomas N. Seyfried, 
Dr Jean-Pierre Spinosa, Prof Dr Helene von Bibra,
Dr Georgia Ede and Dominique Kemp

From left to right kneeling
Ivor Cummins, Julia Tulipan, Ulrike Gonder, Dr Ian Lake
Elise Rensch, Dorian Geenow, and Patricia Daly
still missing  Dr Amy McKenzie and Dr Aseem Malhotra

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Monday  Day OnE - Welcome opening lecture by Dr John Schoonbee 

"We have to Rethink"

Impressions from our founding Conference captured by Enid Valu

Speakers Dinner - delicious  traditional Swiss Raclette  from the alps of Bergün kindly sponsored by the Hotel Kurhaus

Day Two - Dr Jean-Pierre Spinosa just presented our idea of the European Keto Live Centre, We had the pleasure to listen to the panel with (left to right)
Dr Jean-Pierre Spinosa, Prof Dr Helene von Bibra,  Dr John Schoonbee, Dr Georgia Ede and Prof Dr Thomas N. Seyfried discussing  
“Pure, White and Deadly - Prof Dr John Yudkin - or what happened to Science and Guidelines"

One of our Workshop's called - “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” - covered the findings of Weston Price in Switzerland with an Exhibition at the museum of Bergün and a guided tour of the village explaining Bergün´s historic connection to sugar...

Dr Elena Gross, fasciated by Domini Kemp's cooking skills at our  Workshop No 2 cooking with the authors of the "Ketogenic Kitchen" Domini Kemp & Patricia Daly                                        followed by  a Dinner in the historic kitchen of the Kurhaus

Delicious Artichoke Ketogenic-Kitchen Pizza with a base of minced Lamb Meat

Dr Elena Gross tasting the Cracking Crackers

Dr Jean-Pierre Spinosa presenting our Idea of an Education Centre for Nutrition and Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies. Founded by 32 Founding Members in Bergün already uniting Scientists, specialists and Doctors from Germany. Switzerland, Austria, France, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, the Lebanon, South Africa, Denmark, Sweden and Ireland, Registered in Burghausen Germany as 
The European Keto Live Centre 
Information & Training Centre  - Association for Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies

Our Venue - The Beautiful Hotel Kurhaus Bergün

             Meeting & Connecting with The Speakers Like Dr Ian Lake                      The Great Benefits of Live Conferences

IvoR Cummins, Stephan & Josephine Barbarino

Evening of day one - Get Together 

Join us for the 2nd International Keto Live Conference 2022  Certified with 86 CME Credits

Join Us at The European Keto Live Centre


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