European Keto Live Centre

Information & Training Centre 
Association for

Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies 

Our Mission 

is to spread the word about  Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies

as a powerful medical tool to prevent & treat 
Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD).

To inform  & educate about the power of food, 
the connection between our diet, Insulin Resistance,  
Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) our metabolic health and our Immune system.

We Unite to Prevent & Fight NCD

Non-Communicable Diseases like

  • Obesity
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Neurological & Neuropsychiatric Disorders 

we Inform & Educate

We connect Experts, Scientists, Physicians and Practitioners to  provide science-based,  & medical sound information like  

  • CME certified Continuous Medical Education for physicians & 
  • CPD certified Continuous Professional Development for dietitians, nutritionists & healthcare professionals 
  • in 28 European Countries, the USA, and Canada 

We create:

  • Live events,  conferences, and seminars 
  • E-Learning Programs
  • Digital webinars and tutorials
  • Education programs for schools & universities
  • Handouts and books for physicians, nutritionists, health coaches, hospitals, nursing care facilities, caregivers, health insurers, politicians, and other health influencers 

Join us

1. Join us in the fight against Non-Communicable Diseases. 

2. Register for our CME/CPD certified live and E-Learning Conferences.

3. Recommend the events to your friends, medical supervisors, advisors, and the representatives of your health insurance companies. 

4. Become a member, partner, promoter, or sponsor 

EKLC - The European Keto Live Centre Association for Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies Non-Profit

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SAKMT - The Swiss Association for Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies Non-Profit

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European Keto Live Centre


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