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The Venue

The beautiful historic Hotel Kurhaus Bergün 
welcomes our Keto Live Conference for the second time 
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86 CME Credits                                        Certified by

  • The Swiss Society for Medical Oncology  


  • THE Swiss Society for General Internal Medicine  

SGAIM 27 AIM-MIG Credits

  • THE Swiss Society for Endocrinology & Diabetology 

SGED-SSED 18 Credits                                                                

  • The Swiss Neurological Society                                              

SNG 14 Credits
Plus CPD Credits by

  • The Swiss Association for Dieticians and Nutritionists 

SVDE ASDD 18 Points                                                                    

  • The British Association for Nutrition And Lifestyle Medicine 

20 BANT-CPD Hours

Monday, 13th of June - Neurology Part 1 

Day one CME Credits: 4 SSMO-SGMO-SSOM, 4 AIM-MIG, 2 SNG - SVDE ASDD 3 Points 

Hello and Welcome

14:00 - Registration Office opens

Dr John Schoonbee MD, 

South Africa, Switzerland, 
Swiss RE 

15:00 - "Have we got News for you?"

Dr Georgia Ede MD, 

United States of America, Diagnosis Diet

16:00 - “The First Thousand Days: Micronutrients and Optimal Brain Development” 
17:00 - "Nutrition and Childhood Neuropsychiatric Disorders: Autism and ADHD”

Dr Ana Iacob MD

Romania, Switzerland,  Valais Hospital Sion

18:00  “Beyond Psychotropics: The Metabolic Side-Effects”

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19:00 - Welcome Get Together

19:30 - Keto Dinner 

21:00 - Movie or Keto Live Bar

Tuesday, 14th of June – Heart Disease

CME Credits: 6 SSMO-SGMO-SSOM, 6 AIM-MIG, 2 SNG & SVDE ASDD 6 Points

Dr Dipl Biol Bernd Löffler MD 

Germany, IMM - Institute for Mitochondrial Medicine

09:00 - “First do no harm”  Understanding Medicine as a craft

Ivor Cummins BE(Chem), CEng MIEI,

Ireland, The Fat Emperor

10:00 - “Insulin Resistance & Chronic Disease from Age-related Diseases to Non-Communicable Diseases"

Dr David Unwin FRCGP COI

United Kingdom, Norwood Surgery

11:30 - “Essential Hypertension – but, is it? Are we Blaming Salt for what the Sugar, via Insulin did?”

Jayne Bullen MBA / The Noaks Foundation 

South Africa, Nutrition Network

12:30 - "LCHF in Clinical Practice: Changing the face of healthcare"

13:00 - Keto Lunch Buffet

included in the Conference Fee

Enjoy nature, have a chat, go for a walk, biking - or just have a nap...

Dr Peter Voshol PhD

Netherlands, Louis Bolk Institute

14:30 - "Measuring and Understanding Insulin Resistance”

Prof Dr Helene von Bibra MD

Germany, Mind Carb

15:30 - "Insulin Resistance and Heart Failure"

Ivor Cummins BE(Chem), CEng MIEI,

 Ireland, The Fat Emperor

16:30 - “Reversing CVD?”

Workshop Nr 1:  “Cooking for the Brain – the different Names/Ratios of KMT”

With our new series of Workshops, we would like to introduce our "How-to Keto" Handout Project - for Doctors, Dietitians and their patients.

In historic  kitchen of the Hotel Kurhaus  
we are presenting to you the over 100-year-old  scientific concept of real food as a powerful medical tool for the brain

Sybille Bellamy Kraft

created  Ketogenic Connections  to share the success of her son Max, born in 2001 and a carrier of Angelman syndrome. 
Founder & CEO of Keto+

Beth Zupec-Kania
The Charlie Foundation
For over 30 years, Beth has coached medical professionals, patients and families through safe and effective use of nutritional ketosis for neurological disorders

Michael Lundell
Developed Ketonix and
made research in ketones since 2013. His Ketone  Breath analysers now even  have a built-in online coaching system to follow the progress  of clients that follow Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies

Keto Dinner for the workshop participants in the  historic  kitchen